Healing Audio

Healing Audio’s that Nourish Your Mind, Body, Emotions and Spirit!

Each healing audio will elicit a release from your mind, body, emotions and spirit creating change on the conscious, subconscious and energetic levels Awakening Your Dormant Potentials!

  • Enhancing Your Connections to Your Higher Sources of Guidance and Wisdom
  • Awakening Your Intuitive l Psychic Abilities
  • Accelerating Your Evolutionary Path of Light
  • Allowing Quicker Manifestation
  • Fully Align with Your Life Purpose and Work
  • And so Much More …

The 528hz frequency has the means to restore human consciousness to its full power and potential. It’s the love frequency! It is the harmonic vibration that can lift your heart to be in harmony with heaven and I’ve blended this amazing love frequency into a sacred marriage with the restorative, rejuvenating, activating, transmuting and clearing energies that I have encoded into each healing audio for very specific purposes along with the theta wave which has the potential to deeply relax your mind and body allowing for the optimal mental state where you can consciously create your reality. All of these transformational vibrations encoded into heavenly soul lifting, high vibing, amazing new music. We are talking superb works of know-how, expertise, mastery, creativity, imagination, knowledge and craftsmanship mixed with a whole lot of divine inspiration, love and healing!

Seriously, this is the finest, top-notch audio energy healing that you’ll own and all at your very own fingertips! YOU become the healer by pushing play whenever you want. It’s healing on your terms and exactly when you want and need it. How cool is that?

You get to push play to relax your mind and body allowing these intelligent effective energies to wash over your entire being, bringing these phenomenal impressive high quality frequencies into every aspect of who you are,  transforming your energetic structure for deep, deep mind, body, emotion and soul healing … it just couldn’t get any easier than that.

The Selection of Healing Audios to Choose From: 

Raising Your Vibration with Love and Forgiveness Energy Healing Audio

Raising Your Vibration with Love and Forgiveness

This healing audio has a Heart Chakra Clearing, Healing and Activation, a Forgiveness Activation, a Meridian System Clearing, a Love, Harmony and Balance Activation and a whole lot more.

Full Details HERE



7th Dimensional Healing Audio

7th Dimensional Energy Healing by Lisa Whatley

Clears all negative and imbalanced energies on all levels … balances the chakras, meridians, nadis … aligns consciousness with God … anchors and activates the ascension flame … purify and cleanse consciousness … helps build light quotient, anchor higher chakras, 12 strands of DNA … helps assist in cosmic ascension … assists in ascension acceleration … assists in enhancing your connections to your higher sources of guidance and wisdom … assists in awakening your intuitive, psychic abilities … assists in accelerating your evolutionary path of light … helps with quicker manifestation … helps to fully align you with your life purpose and work …

Full Details HERE


Align With God Healing Audio

  • Align with GOD and to clear blocks you have in aligning with GOD and living from your God Self level
  • Stay sovereign
  • Surrender to GOD
  • Deactivate the ego and release negative ego programming
  • Deactivate and deprogram any less-than-love interference, mind control, subjugation and matrix energies
  • Heal, clear and release your shadow
  • Increase your love and light quotients
  • Raise your level of consciousness
  • Release negative thoughts, feelings and attitudes
  • Upgrade your chakras to function at 100%
  • Heal your DNA
  • Clear self sabotage
  • Receive transmissions of love, light, healing and grace directly from GOD
  • Align your will, heart and mind with the will, heart and mind of GOD

Full Details HERE



Angelic Rebirth Healing Audio

Lisa Whatley's Angelic Rebirth Energy Healing CD

  • Helps you to release less-than love energies associated with feeling abandoned, isolated, misfit, alien, different, not at home, not belonging and not fitting in.
  • Helps you to release less-than-love energies associated with the duality consciousness games around rescuer/victim, drama and processing.
  • Helps you to maintain neutral and be firm in your own center and power in the midst of drama.
  • Helps you to release slow and dense energy associated with your family relationships.
  • Helps you to clear and release dysfunctional and toxic family relationship patterning.
  • Brings in divine ideal for family relationships and for communications.

Full Details HERE


Clearing, Healing Blissful Bath Healing Audio

This light infused healing audio helps build your light quotient, assists in enhancing your connections to your higher sources of guidance and wisdom, assists in awakening your intuitive, psychic abilities, assists in accelerating your evolutionary path of light, helps with quicker manifestation and helps to fully align you with your life purpose and work.

Full Details HERE



Brain Expansion Activation Healing Audio

  • Helps open all of the brain centers
  • Brain illumination and balancing
  • Helps open all mind locks so that the consciousness of the Divine Mind of God can directly see your innermost mind
  • Helps ascension activation
  • Helps become attuned to the mastermind frequency and the Mind of God
  • Helps activate your Holographic Mind
  • Helps build your light quotient

Full Details HERE


Clearing BUSINESS Blocks to Abundance, Success and Prosperity Healing Audio

  • encodes and imprints your energy bodies with the frequencies of abundance and prosperity
  • clears and re-scripts beliefs that block you from abundance, prosperity and success
  • aligns your business with the divine ideal business
  • helps you to operate your business free from duality consciousness beliefs and ego
  • helps you to release slow and dense energy associate with personal finances
  • helps you to connect and plug into the stream of universal abundance
  • helps you to clear blocks around manifesting your version of co-creating
  • blesses all of your economic exchanges and infuses them with Divine Love and Light

Full Details HERE


Chakra Transformation Healing Audio

  • clear and remove blocks from your chakras
  • 100% fully operational and spinning at 100% Divine optimal levels
  • clears the seals on each chakra
  • awaken and activate psychic gifts that are aligned to your mastery path
  • defrags and recalibrates your chakras
  • brings in all the rays through the chakras
  • brings in ascension energies protection, illumination and wisdom
  • brings in ascension energies love, tolerance and gratitude

Full Details HERE


Daily Energy Healing Audio

  • removes negative energies
  • helps remove negative unwanted, dense, heavy energy in the physical body, aura, chakras and home
  • helps you release any blocks that YOU choose by a simple invocation
  • helps release negative thoughts, feelings and attitudes
  • helps build your light quotient
  • assists in enhancing your connections to your higher sources of guidance and wisdom
  • assists in awakening your intuitive, psychic abilities

Full Details HERE



Deep Clearing – Level 1 Healing Audio

Lisa Whatley's Deep Clearing Energy Healing CD

  • clearing of your etheric fields
  • releasing undesired programming
  • releasing limiting belief structures
  • releasing old limiting patterns contributing to physical stresses, discomfort and disease
  • releasing deep seated emotional and mental restrictions and blockages
  • releasing unresolved soul-level spiritual issues
  • releasing stored adverse energy patterns sourced by family, cultural, ethnic, religious and other mass consciousness influences
  • releasing undesired implants and devices, etheric links and cords, connections and attachments

Full Details HERE



I AM a Divine Being: Awaken, Experience and Express It Healing Audio

Divine Being Energy Healing by Lisa Whatley

  • clears your life path helping you to understand why you are here and what you came to do
  • clears programs or profiles that are blocking your ascension
  • awakens and activates psychic gifts aligned with your mastery path
  • activates your emissary of light and love within
  • universal wisdom download
  • miracle healing profiles
  • heals the illusion of separation with Spirit
  • monad and over-soul purification
  • enlightenment activation for self-mastery
  • empowerment activation to assist you in stepping into full empowerment
  • helps build your light quotient

Full Details HERE



Divine Blueprint: Transforming Your Energy System Healing Audio

  • helps you transform your entire energy system, restoring it to your original divine blueprint
  • helps clear, purify and upgrade all layers and levels of your aura and electro-magnetic energy field
  • clears, purifies and upgrades the central channel, central nervous system, chakras, meridians, nadis and seals
  • helps build your light quotient
  • assists in enhancing your connections to your higher sources of guidance and wisdom
  • assists in awakening your intuitive, psychic abilities
  • assists in accelerating your evolutionary path of light
  • helps with quicker manifestation
  • helps to fully align you with your life purpose and work

Full Details HERE



Embrace the God Flame: Ultimate Protection Healing Audio

An enormous protective field will be established that consists of:

  • deep penetration of the golden white ray energy
  • remove all negative and imbalanced energies within yourself and home
  • all negative implants and elementals will be cleared from your field and your home
  • you’ll receive a pillar of light, love and power
  • a golden dome of protection
  • permanent wall of light protection
  • blue shield armor of protection
  • flowers that will absorb all negative energy before it enters the field
  • rainbow bubble of light
  • protective robe of love, wisdom and power to prevent any unwanted energies from entering your auric fields

Full Details HERE



I AM a Money Magnet Healing Audio

  • helps you to magnetize and attract wealth and money into your life
  • re-scripts old programs from your family and mass consciousness that repel wealth and money
  • helps clear parental and mass consciousness programming and re-scripts your relationship with money
  • clears random inner dialog and negative self talk around money
  • clears worrying, anxiety and fears around money
  • clears and heals your relationship with money
  • calibrates your energy field with the tones, vibrations and frequencies of divine abundance
  • helps you to clear, heal and release old less-than-love programming, genetic predispositions, triggers and patterns that prevent you from obtaining financial freedom and independence
  • helps you to master your personal financial realm of being
  • gives you an energetic filter that helps you to cleanse any thoughts around money originating from the conscious mind, subconscious mind and from the dream state of consciousness

Full Details HERE



Clearing PERSONAL Blocks to Abundance, Success and Prosperity Healing Audio

Clearing Personal Abundance Energy Healing by Lisa Whatley

  • clears, heals, repairs, re-calibrates, expands and activates the energetic field
  • encodes and imprints with the frequencies of abundance and prosperity
  • filters out less then love creation energies
  • magnetizes things that are for your highest good
  • clears patterns around not having much money
  • re-scripts childhood programming regarding money
  • clears slow, dense energy from work relationships
  • helps you to operate from divine neutrality at work
  • brings in templates for the divine ideal work
  • helps you to create a strong foundation of lifelong stability and well-being
  • encodes your energy bodies with frequencies of abundance and prosperity

Full Details HERE



Psychic Attack: Daily Spiritual Purification and Protection Healing Audio

Clearing Psychic Attack Energy Healing by Lisa Whatley

  • releases negative slow, dense energy from your entire Being, home, car, land and belongings
  • balance your meridians, nadis, chakras
  • purifies and cleanses your consciousness and aligns your consciousness with God’s
  • cloaks and protects yourself, home, car and property from anything less than 100% pure divine love
  • aligns your energy with the miracles of God
  • removes all less-than-love energy imprints, signatures, vibrations from yourself, home, car and property
  • clears, heals, repairs, re-calibrates, expands, activates, seals and shields the aura, auric sheath and other energy fields around the physical, etheric, emotional and mental bodies and all energetic centers and systems
  • helps you to release less-than-love entities, spirit attachments, spirit possessions, elementals, occupants, body beings and the energetic anchors, triggers and cords associated with them, mucus
  • releases all negative and limiting emotions, thought forms and behaviors that are manifesting through your Being you’ll receive a down pouring of protection

Full Details HERE



Clearing and Enhancing Your Psychic Gifts Healing Audio

  • scans and releases blocks so that your energy flows freely throughout your energetic systems
  • helps you to communicate from the heart at all times.
  • purifies the energetic system and awakens the gifts of the Holy Spirit that are related to fulfilling the Divine Plan
  • helps bring in, awaken and activate your psychic gifts and abilities aligned with your mastery path
  • helps you connect your personality with your soul
  • supports your physical ascension process
  • physically embody the frequencies of Christ Consciousness
  • heals the illusion of separation from Spirit or being mad at God
  • helps establish your divine ideal relationship with Spirit
  • Helps you to release: being in control, being controlled, attachments, entities … 

Full Details HERE



Sacred Codes and Geometries Healing Audio

Sacred Codes and Geometries Energy Healing by Lisa Whatley

  • awaken and reactivate the key codes, fire letters and sacred geometries of the ancient Order of Melchizedek
  • installs the Crystal of Synthesis thus activating harmony and unity within
  • brings you into Divine resonance with the All That Is
  • a removal of veils that are hiding the Hidden Chambers of Light within … a new awakening and truth will arise within you
  • increase your ascension potential a thousand-fold
  • an expansion of spiritual and psychic inner senses for the purpose of planetary world service
  • brain illumination to fully activate the 72 areas of the mind

Full Details HERE



Sacred Sexuality Healing Audio

Sacred Sexuality Energy Healing by Lisa Whatley

  • helps you to release slow and dense energy associated with your personal relationship with yourself and the way you view your body
  • helps you to bring in and anchor the divine ideal templates for self love, self esteem, self acceptance, body image
  • helps you clear lust, jealousy, possessiveness, sexual addictions
  • helps you to clear old energy patterns, templates and blueprints around your sexual encounters, sexual history and fantasies/dreams
  • helps you to purify how you express your sexuality and align it to the divine ideal for human sexuality in the fifth and higher dimensions
  • helps you clear the less pure frequencies around human sexuality
  • helps you bring in the new blueprint and mapping for sacred sexuality

Full Details HERE



Clear, Bless and Protect My Sacred Space Healing Audio

A complete clearing will take place throughout your entire Sacred Space. This includes the removal of astral entities, ghosts, negative debris, negative thought forms, negative energetic imprints, mucous, ancestral imprints and so much more!

An ENORMOUS protective field will be placed around your home, in every doorway, window and opening of your home, plus a ban of non-inference against all energies of psychic attack will be enforced. Liquid Crystals will be brought in to deactivate and re-balance all negative energy.

After the clearing has been completed, your entire space will be protected by a Host of Heavenly Beings of Light and bestowing upon your space a magical blessing!

Your sacred space will be transformed into a magical sanctuary that brings you great joy!

Full Details HERE





Lisa Whatley, hostess of www.InfinityLightHealing.com is the girl to go to if you’re ready to give up your excuses and start to grow, to expand your consciousness and bust through barriers and blocks that hold you back from living with joy and having a passionate love affair with your life, maybe for the first time ever!

Lisa is an International Miracle Mind Mentor and Self Help Empowerment Specialist, Spiritual Law of Attraction Life Coach, Master Energy Healer, Hypnotherapist and Published Writer specializing in personal transformation growth programs. Grab a FREE copy of her Purify and Regenerate Your Mind, Body and Emotions Healing Audio Right HERE  



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