Free Guided Meditations

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Abundance Meditation:

Raising Your Money Vibration to Get in Alignment with Abundance Guided Meditation




Karma Cleanse:

Ho’oponopono Affirmation Meditation for Forgiveness & Transformation




Full Moon Ritual:

Releasing & Cleansing All Energy That Is No Longer Yours to Carry Meditation




10 Minute Morning Meditation for Peace, Confidence and Unlimited Possibilities




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Guided Meditation for Opening Your Heart, Healing and Relaxation




Guided Meditation for Mother Earth and Ascension




Guided Full Body Healing Meditation and Lightbody Protection




Raise Your Vibration and Release Karma Guided Meditation




Guided Meditation for Relaxation and Healing




Solar Eclipse Meditation Manifestation for Unity and Liberation




DNA Activation Guided Meditation & 12D Shield Building Technique



I apologize in advance for the sound quality of all the YouTube Guided Meditations created BEFORE 2017 (shown below) – not great, but hey, they are FREE and they are wonderful healing journeys! 

Divine Blessings Guided Meditation

In 7 Minutes, Lisa Whatley guides you through a journey to receive divine blessings that are for your highest good and soul’s evolution.



Manifest Your Dreams Guided Meditation

In 10 Minutes, Lisa Whatley will guide you to connect with a Divine Angel of Light named Francesca who will assist you in making a wish come true!



Trust in Life Guided Meditation

In 23 Minutes, Lisa Whatley will take you on a journey through a forest where you will root yourself into the core of mother earth. This will allow you to become fully grounded so you can trust in life and bring about a new found joy into your life along with a greater self confidence.



Divine Heart Energizer Guided Meditation

The Divine Heart Energizer Journey is more than just a guided meditation.

It’s a powerful 28 minute healing tool that has high frequency energetic infusions of light encoded into the recording along with affirmations to assist you in reprogramming your mind with positive intentions.

The guided imagery allows you to view the possibilities of your perfect life along with taking some time to offer forgiveness in order to receive all the divine blessings in life that are rightly yours.



A Sacred Gift for You Guided Meditation

In 11 Minutes, Lisa Whatley will guide you to feel love, accept love, receive love, be love, radiate love. This journey will help you feel fantastic about yourself and your life, enjoy!

(The website mentioned in this video is no longer available.)





Lisa Whatley, hostess of is the girl to go to if you’re ready to give up your excuses and start to grow, to expand your consciousness and bust through barriers and blocks that hold you back from living with joy and having a passionate love affair with your life, maybe for the first time ever!


I am a Heart-Centered Soul Whisperer, a Misfit Spiritual Seeker, a Badass Way Shower, a Rebel Light Worker, an Indigo Warrior and a Soul Aligned Entrepreneur who lives life on my own terms and absolutely refuse to be limited by other people’s rules and ideas.

Healing myself first and then holding Sacred Space for others to Heal is my Priority, Passion and Purpose.

I empower women to create a different life story by utilizing their inner power in order to transform their outer reality so they can become the best version of themselves and get the life of their dreams in the fastest time possible … yaaas! These fabulous women are my Soul Tribe, my Soul Family whom I adoringly call my ZenFriends.

Are YOU part of my Soul Tribe, my Soul Family one of my fabulous ZenFriends?

You are IF you resonate with me from deep within. Your Soul knows and if you listen … you will intuitively know!

If you are on a path of self-healing, self-discovery and are committed to personal and spiritual growth … you and I will definitely click! If you are turned on by the unlimited possibilities that your life can transform into by being a soul-guided action taker, if making a difference in YOUR world and changing the way you do things and how you see the world around you resonates from deep, deep within … then you are someone I want to be ZenFriends with!

My ZenFriends are absolutely fabulous women who love all things uplifting … guided meditation, energy healing, journaling, mindset, manifesting, crystals, nature, rituals, gratitude, intention, angels … if these tools resonate deep, deep within you … connect with me. 💖

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Peace and Love from My World to Yours!

Lisa Whatley, xoxox



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