Practical Mastery Spiritual and Enlightenment Energy Healing Sessions

Practical Mastery Attunements with Lisa WhatleyThis huge body of attunements are high vibrational frequencies that will help clear you of negative energy patterns, release dysfunctional beliefs, barriers and layers of self sabotage while at the same time helping you to embody positive emotions while becoming more peaceful and centered.

These attunements are programs in themselves that include intense clearing processes as well as activations to assist YOU in living as a master in the third dimensional world we call Earth.

Each of these attunements usually rolls back to birth and clears out mass and duality consciousness maps, blueprints, pathways, beliefs, etc. that are not aligned to the divine ideal or the fifth and higher dimensions and re-scripts to align everything back to the divine ideal. 

These attunements are designed to let you be who you are at all times regardless of what is happening around you. They help you realize your full potential and experience optimal physical, emotional, mental and spiritual health and well being on all levels.

Lisa, I have a confession to make. I received some of these attunements from you a few weeks ago. Then I decided to try another person. I’m so sorry I did it was a complete waste of my money!!!! The attunement wasn’t ANYTHING as powerful as yours. Unfortunately, I didn’t feel a thing with this person but with you every single time you connect with me I feel it!!!! You have divine, magnificent flow!!!! It’s like you are literally in the room with me!!!! You are amazing!!!! So powerful and yet that is just the experience of receiving the energy. The life altering results are the real testament to what you do! I’ve definitely learnt that sometimes it’s better to pay a little more to ensure I get top quality service. You know I love you and I will never make this mistake again, I’m your client for LIFE!!!! – Janelle from Wisconsin



These attunements are for releasing negative energy, more specifically they are geared towards clearing and purging hundreds of programs in the emotional and mental bodies. They clear and heal things like covenants and vows, entities, environmental toxins, implants, limitation profiles, abandonment, loneliness and separation, family, friend and relationships, sex life, etc.




To clear negative and dysfunctional programming from the subconscious mind.

This group of powerful attunements are aimed at helping you purge and clear out old profiles and programs and bring in new ones that are aligned to the divine ideal.  Many of these attunements also include healing profiles to assist the four lower bodies (physical, etheric, emotional and mental) in repairing any damage done by the presence and operation of the less-than-love profiles and programs.  Each of these attunements usually rolls back to birth and clears out mass and duality consciousness maps, blueprints, pathways, beliefs, etc. that are not aligned to the divine ideal or the fifth and higher dimensions and re-scripts to align everything back to the divine ideal. 




To achieve optimal physical health and well being.

This group of attunements are energy healing profiles and programs that upgrade the physical, etheric, emotional and mental bodies to promote healing and well-being on all levels. They also go after the genetic predispositions for disease. These powerful attunements also include a profile purge to release the underlying programs held in the mind and cellular memory so that the four lower bodies can heal more completely.  Each of these attunements usually rolls back to birth and clears out mass and duality consciousness maps, blueprints, pathways, beliefs, etc. that are not aligned to the divine ideal or the fifth and higher dimensions and re-scripts to align everything back to the divine ideal.




Defragmentation and Recalibration Sequences for your aura and electromagnetic energy field, initially GOD and your God Self scan the energetic spaces of your aura and electromagnetic energy field for energetic gaps and anything and everything that is not divine ideally aligned with the evolution of your being at that time. Then after all the energetic gaps and misaligned points in the aura and electromagnetic energy field are identified, GOD and your God Self would then defrag your aura (closing the energetic gaps) and then recalibrate everything to align it with your divine ideal evolution of being.




The Clearing the Energetic Spaces and Templates attunements work on recalibrating your energy field so that the energetic doorways, openings, portals and gateways on the planetary, solar, galactic and universal levels across time, space, dimensions, angles, directions and vectors, etc. are closed down. These templates go after these core patterns and recalibrate at the planetary, solar, galactic, universal and multiverse levels.




These Codes for the New World are a spiritual dispensation for all those choosing enlightenment. These new codes will restore the Master previously stored in your archives of learning and knowledge to its utmost purity and divinity, as the Creator intended it, prior to any alteration or manipulation. By accepting these codes, it will re-write the history of “you” in any and all stages of your evolution and thus greatly accelerate the “you” on your path to enlightenment in this lifetime.




These are some very advanced spiritual activations. Living in the Golden Age is a series of Master Profiles created specifically for the inhabitants of Earth to assist in the shifting times from the old earth blueprint of separation and fear to a new blueprint that heralds the golden age. By accepting these master profiles, you not only clear and heal yourself, but anchor yourself to the new blueprint of enlightenment. You become the blueprint and operate from it on a daily basis. This will in turn anchor these blueprints energies on this world so that others may choose and align to this blueprint for their mastery.



It is strongly encouraged that you begin out with the attunements listed above before doing the attunements listed below. The attunements listed above set the foundation critical for the attunements listed below. Go within and feel what is right for you.

If you would like to super-rocket your spiritual growth and enlightenment process via these energy healing attunements I would recommend you have a look at the Practical Mastery Attunement Program where you’ll receive over 600 attunements over the course of 9 months AND have online access to the membership only healing room where you can receive the healing over and over again … $2997 $1997 for a limited introductory time! As a BONUS for early entry and full payment I’m GIVING you absolutely FREE the Unlock and Reconnect with Your Higher Mastery Program. A $997 Value. PROGRAM IS LOCKED until next round begins! 




These attunements help to heal your relationship with money.

Attunements on clearing your personal finances and money, clearing your business, divine ideal sequences for abundance and magnetizing clients and money.




To clear fear-oriented emotions and to strengthen love-oriented emotions.

The beings on your world focus on the physical and energetic mastery but what they tend to neglect is the emotional mastery that needs to be done in order to spiritualize the mind and body. Because you see when you are in human form you have certain confinements or restrictions on the human form and the human mind that deal with the emotions and that operate at very lower vibrations and lower densities that we need master over to bring them into the higher spiritualized mind which is the emotional mastery. And what these emotional mastery profiles will do will assist the being in reaching into those higher levels by taking the denser lower emotions and bringing them into a higher more ascended form of expression of the love emotions – because there are only two emotions love and fear. So we want to transform those of fear into that of love so that the only thing that is expressed are those love emotions and that is emotional mastery.




To clear, grow, evolve, expand, upgrade.

Enlightenment attunements for things like clearing your life path; clearing your over-soul; divine child; embodying your god-self; emotional sovereignty; forgiveness; healing heart and soul fragmentation; healing your inner child and wounded child; releasing blocks; activating your holographic mind and multi-dimensional heart; perfecting your emotional and mental bodies; transcending judgment and criticism; etc




These attunements help people to realize the “God” within themselves. They connect to one’s God presence within and bring that energy or force through our vehicle for its divine expression. These attunements are a part of God’s plan to assist us with our evolution and mastery of the God within and to bring this “heaven” here to earth. They are also powerful initiators and activators of your mastery and self-realization of your God omnipotence. When you activate these high levels of mastery, your path and plan with God becomes illuminated and you come from a place within your heart of great service to others.




These attunements are a divine dispensation of grace for those Ascended Masters who are incarnated here in this world. Prior to incarnating here, these great masters had to agree to suppress, turn off or be separated from the higher levels of their beingness and mastery so that they could come into a physical body. They had contracted with the Creator that when the planetary energies evolved high enough and it could support their higher mastery that there would be tools offered to assist them to bring in and reconnect with their mastery and this series of sessions is one of those tools.









Lisa Whatley, hostess of is the girl to go to if you’re ready to give up your excuses and start to grow, to expand your consciousness and bust through barriers and blocks that hold you back from living with joy and having a passionate love affair with your life, maybe for the first time ever!

Lisa is an International Miracle Mind Mentor and Self Help Empowerment Specialist, Spiritual Law of Attraction Life Coach, Master Energy Healer, Hypnotherapist and Published Writer specializing in personal transformation growth programs. Grab a FREE copy of her Purify and Regenerate Your Mind, Body and Emotions Healing Audio Right HERE



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