Working With You Has Changed My Life …

Hi my friend. I never took the time to say thank you. What you have done for our family is beyond words. Having worked with you for a few months now, I am living a new life, from a new place that I just have trouble putting words to. My summer with my in-laws (so far) carries a totally different vibration. I cannot believe it. It is beyond my hopes. I am so grateful.

As for Austin and Justin…well…you are something special. Honestly. We left for the cottage on the morning of your sessions, so I did not read the full email that you sent about their sessions until a few days later. It was nothing short of miraculous. I could write down 20 examples in the first few days, but when we read what you had done, we were floored. It was a testament to your gift, to be able to tap into his EXACT needs. I have known for a long time that Austin was traumatized by Justin’s birth. Although he loves his little brother, his self-esteem/confidence took a severe blow. It has been the foundation of how he has experienced the world ever since. He carries with him an undercurrent of fear, anxiety and fragility, that I can see but have not been able to reach/heal.  

You did so. You were not aware of the trauma, and even gave a caveat for having chosen that particular aspect, but you were right on. It is gone. He is free. His confidence has soared. He glows like the sun. He tries everything. He is whole again. Honestly, I’m not sure how to thank you. Justin has not carried the same depth of trauma. Your healing for him was nourishing, strengthening and lovely. He is a ray of sunshine and a delight to be with.   

Working with you has changed my life by allowing me to be the person I wish to be.

Blessings to you and your children…Teresa Grenwald – Toronto, Ontario