I Experienced a Miracle Using Two of Your CDs


I just wanted to tell you about the success I am having with two of your CD’s. The first time I listened to the “Daily Energy Healing” CD, I experienced a miracle within the first few minutes of listening. I was inspired by one of your testimonials and asked for help with TMJ. The top 3 or 4 vertebrae in my neck, very gently “jostled” over to the left, aligning with my spine. I have been seeing a rolfer for back pain for over a year, and before that, I saw a chiropractor for about 10 years, and changes like that usually take place over a few weeks or more. This change in alignment happened in about 30 seconds!

I was surprised, and later, when I took a hot bath, I could feel the area around the change throbbing with circulation as the muscles relaxed. I have also noticed that my jaw is more relaxed. I have no doubt now that miracles in healing occur.  I experienced it.

And some very deep healing – the “Psychic Attack: Daily Spiritual Purification and Protection” CD knocks me out. Completely. So much so, that I am sleeping a half hour less each night because my sleep is much deeper. I have been listening to it for three weeks now, and the effect is still very powerful. The first day I got it, I listened to it six times because I was determined to stay awake, but I was out all six times. The first time I listened to it, I was out in three minutes, and woke up after listening to it twice. It calms me like nothing else. I am so grateful for this deep healing!

Thank you,