Everything Was Unstuck

Hi Lisa, I have a success story to share.

The first time I listened to the Daily Energy Healing Audio, I felt the energy guides doing quite a job on me and the major issue I had asked for help with.

That was impressive in itself and I continued with it for a couple of weeks.

Recently I decided to try a different issue.

I always carry my tension in my jaws and have been trying to release the tension there for some time. Have had some different energy sessions and have even spent time and $$$ with an osteopath. All of these helped, but the tension always returned, even with my consciously trying to release it.

Last week I put my Daily Healing Energy CD on and said, “What the heck, today let the guides work on my jaw tension.”

My expectations were nil and I even kind of chuckled about it and went on with my day.

It wasn’t until the next day when I went to put it on again that I tuned in to the discovery that the tension was gone, my jaw hinges moved freely, everything was unstuck. Here I am days later and it’s still relaxed. What a wonderful feeling!

Needless to say, I am very impressed and I thank the Universe for steering me your way. Thank you, Lisa.

Hugs and tugs.    – Jeanne – Canada