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Hey, this is Lisa Whatley, hostess of and as you know I’m the creator of the FREE 10 Minute Healing Audio Sampler that you will be downloading today. I’m super excited to be sharing it with you because I’ve created quite a few healing meditation audios for my clients over the past decade and this one the Purify and Regenerate Your Mind, Body and Emotions has been by far the most popular download to date! (The next most popular is the Daily Energy Healing Audio!)

In just a few minutes you’ll be enjoying your new ten minute healing audio sampler but before you start I want to share with you some suggestions on how you can get the most out of it.


A popular question I always get asked is, “Do I have to use headphones?”

In this particular case, I do highly recommend that headphones or earbuds be used because you’ll receive the additional benefits of the brainwave entrainment embedded into the music – the highly beneficial theta wave and 417hz frequency. Be sure that you set the volume at a comfortable low listening level. It is absolutely NOT necessary to set the volume at high levels.

With all that being said, if you don’t want to use headphones or earbuds don’t worry about it and don’t use them, you’ll still receive the energetic healing vibrations as those are not heard with the physical ear. When I first started creating these healing audios back in 2003 they were completely silent in nature … you heard NOTHING when you pressed the play button. I encoded very specific high frequencies as directed by the Masters of Light into the audio without music as a background. Every audio was a huge success. I have upgraded them all with the new technology that is available today. So what I’m saying is, headphones or not … the choice is completely yours. This healing tool works either way.


When should I use the healing audio?

Whenever you want at whatever time during the day that suits your needs however for the absolute best results daily use is a must.

I also like to suggest two other things, the first is that you can use the healing audio before going to sleep at night consciously with intent to receive the transformative energy transmissions. You can then use the replay function and allow it to play softly all night long while you sleep. The second suggestion is also taking the time once a day to consciously sit down, relax and open yourself using your intent to receive the energies. I personally believe that the best results are obtained by those that MAKE the time to consciously engage themselves in their own personal transformation.


About the Healing Audio

This particular healing audio is all about clearing, healing and regenerating not just your physical body but your mental and emotional bodies as well therefore this energy healing audio transmission may trigger a healing crisis.

I have done my absolute best to make sure that the ten minute healing audio sampler that you will be downloading today is the most gentlest portion of the full sixty minute healing audio to hopefully prevent you from experiencing a healing crisis which could in turn stop you from moving forward with your healing transformation if you are a person who is completely new to my work and energy healing.

This sampler is a gateway if you will, it allows you to experience the healing audio, to feel the power, the love and the healing potential that lies within. It is revolutionary energy designed to transform you and your life and soon you’ll position yourself to experience just that when you download your sampler in just a few minutes!

If you do happen to experience a healing crisis while using the sampler healing audio know that you are releasing within your cellular memory all that no longer serves you so it is important that you keep using the healing audio because the crisis will pass. Once it does you will be able to hold more light within the cells of your body – so bottom line, a healing crisis is a GOOD thing.

Does everyone experience a healing crisis? No. Although I have. It sucks, but I moved through it because I knew that it would pass as long as I kept moving forward. I did not allow fear to hold me back.

Therefore, as you continue to work with the healing audio, regardless if you experience a healing crisis or not, you will continue to release all the discordant energy within your being allowing more and more light to come into your body, raising your vibration and accelerating your ascension process too.


You are standing at the edge of an explosive time period where rapid acceleration and complete awakening and union with your divine higher self is unfolding. You are beginning to shed the veils of old consciousness and move into the higher dimensional being of light and love that you truly are. If you weren’t ready for this transformation … you wouldn’t have been directed to me. You are here for a reason, you are about to download the audio so now it’s time to release all the lower vibrations – the pain, fear and repressed emotions by allowing the high frequency healing into your space so you can evolve, change and grow.

If you are interested right now in getting the full sixty minute Purify and Regenerate Your Mind, Body and Emotions Healing Audio you can grab it HERE. I normally sell this phenomenal healing tool for $69 but if you use this link right HERE you can own it for just $29.

Now what I want you to do after you have downloaded either your free ten minute healing audio sampler or the full sixty minute phenomenal healing audio is to find a quiet place where you can slip into a relaxed state without being disturbed. Before playing your audio take some deep relaxing breaths and think about what it is in your life that you would like to see change. Then make an intention for that to happen while utilizing the energy within the healing audio. Close your eyes and begin your healing session.

During your audio healing session you may experience some of the following common sensations … twitching, tingling, feeling a breeze pass over your skin, yawning, falling asleep, eye flutters, itchy, hot flashes, sneezing, nausea and goosebumps.

You may also experience … hearing voices or noises that are 5th dimensional and higher, feeling like someone is in the room with you, seeing colours, shapes, people or angels in your mind’s eye, receive divine guidance, floating or out of body experience.

You may also feel and experience nothing at all. With continued use this will change.


Numerous people have told me that the full sixty minute Purify and Regenerate Your Mind, Body and Emotions Healing Audio has changed their life in some way.

After investing in themselves and making a commitment to following a healing schedule this is some of the feedback I have received from people that have just started to use the healing audio:

  • Many report that they are experiencing noticeable stress relief.
  • Deep relaxation and stress reduction.
  • Thinking more clearly.
  • Feeling calm, centered and optimistic.
  • Feeling more peaceful, grounded, poised and connected with life.

People have shared with me that with continued usage they:

  • Have become more creative and intuitive.
  • Are able to think more effectively.
  • Possess deeper insights.
  • Are more emotionally balanced and expressive.
  • Are experiencing deeper more fulfilling relationships.
  • Are manifesting more money.
  • Increased energy level.

Maybe it could change yours too? You’ll never know until you give it a try so click either of the links … go here to download your free copy right now or GO HERE to upgrade and GET THE FULL VERSION so that you can shed the layers of stagnation and open the doors to your soul to embrace your divine highest self!


Blessings to You and Yours and Stay Fab!

Lisa Whatley, xoxox

Hostess of

PS: Remember, the ten minute sampler is just that … a sample taste of the full experience.

It is time to move beyond your fears and embrace the powerful being that you are. As walk through your fears, your pain, your shame, your guilt, your regret – you walk through the door where enlightenment lives. Give yourself permission and allow yourself to be one with your highest self.

Love yourself for taking care of yourself today. GET THE FULL VERSION NOW

PSS: If you upgrade I’ll be sending you even more tips and tools on how to maximize the use of your healing audio to get the most phenomenal results!



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