Smokeless Smudge – Purify and Protect Aura and Environment Mist

Have you ever entered an empty room and it just feels icky and you get an uncomfortable feeling? Maybe it feels heavy and hard to breathe. Perhaps you suddenly develop a headache or maybe you suddenly feel sad or even angry for no apparent reason.

Because you are an energetic being you have the ability to tap into “unseen” energies via your feelings therefore in this case you most likely just tapped into the energy of that particular space.
Anger, fear, arguments, negative emotions and negative events all create heavy psychic energies that adversely affect the atmosphere and the people within that space. Take a minute to think back to when you walked into that room and it felt icky or you suddenly became angry or sad for no apparent reason. You were just influenced energetically by the negative emotional residue still lingering in that space.
Yes, what you can’t see still impacts you.
Again, think back for a moment how that energy negatively influenced your feelings when you entered that space. Now imagine always being in that space absorbing that negative energy.
It is very possible that you would begin to live out that negative energy in your own life because you were not aware that the energy you were absorbing wasn’t your own. A lot of your time would be spent feeling sad, moody, irritated, snappy, etc. in that space and guess what happens? You begin to negatively influence the energy of that space by adding layer upon layer of more negative energy for yourself and everyone else that enters to absorb. It’s a continued never-ending loop.


Now think back to a time when someone in your house was sick with the flu. Doesn’t their bedroom feel icky? That icky feeling is caused not only by the virus and human body ridding itself of it but also by all the negative energy the sick person is putting out.

Imagine the thoughts they are having or even speaking. “I feel horrible.” “I just want to curl up and die.” “Kill me now to put my out of my misery.” “My life sucks so bad right now.” “Every part of me hurts.” “I feel like a piece of shit.”

If you were to walk into that negative space – how would you feel being surrounded by all that negative energy? I’m quite certain you’d feel uncomfortable and maybe even a bit depressed at the least.

And when they are finally better what’s the first thing you feel must be done? A complete cleansing of their space – opening the curtains to let the light in, washing all the bedding, opening up the windows, etc. and that makes the space feel better than it had before but something is still out of whack isn’t it? The vibe is still off and likely feels off for a few more days.

Ask yourself. Is that negative energy that is still lingering in the room impacting that person’s daily life in some capacity? Are they still feeling “not so good” or “that their life sucks?”

I’ll say it again, what you can’t see still impacts you in some way and by having that negative energy still lingering in their room it will negatively impact them and the cycle repeats. They add more layers of negative energetic debris in their room.

When negative energy isn’t washed away it builds up giving the space an uncomfortable feeling and has the ability to affect the behavior and manipulate the feelings which ultimately influences the choices of the people who spend the most time in its energy.

Now take some time to do the following exercise. Invite one of your best friends over and ask them to evaluate the feel of your space. NOT how the space is decorated. You want to invite them to give you their honest perception of how that space makes them feel. Give them a notepad and pen and have them go to each room in your house alone. Ask them to stand in the center of each room and with their eyes closed, open their heart and feel the energy of that space. Ask them to stay in each room for three to five minutes writing down everything they are feeling and everything they are experiencing in that space.

  • Does it have a comfy cozy, inviting feeling?
  • Do they feel loved, nourished and protected there?
  • Does it bring up feelings of happiness and enjoyment?
  • Does it bring up feelings of sadness or anger?
  • Do they like being in that room or would they rather get out of it quick?
  • Does it feel light and homey?
  • Does it feel dark and heavy?
  • Etc.

Then it’s your turn. You do the exact same thing. Once completed compare your notes. You may be very surprised at how the energy of your home makes your company feel. You also may be very surprised to learn how the energy of your home is influencing how you feel too.

If you have hyper kids, angry kids, sad kids, aggressive kids — it’s important to pay special attention to the energetic vibration which is the feel of your home. Space cleansing may help to soothe their mind, body and emotions.

Just as you clear away the dust and dirt build up in your space it’s extremely important that you wash away the negative energetic imprint of energy within your space too. This subtle energy, even though you can’t see it, is super powerful as explained above.

If you have a room in your house that just feels “icky” – it’s time to smudge! I’ve made it super easy for you to do too – no fire, no smoke, no ashes, no worry! When you purchase my Smokeless Smudge Spray, I’ve included instructions on how you can smudge yourself, your house, office and vehicle in a super time saving and incredibly easy way.

It’s time to reclaim those “icky” areas of your home so that you can feel supported, nourished, protected and absolutely comfortable in them. You can transform each room into energetic havens of love! Each room will feel so darn good that your friends and family may just not want to leave! Everyone will want to come to your home, gather in your space, be with you because everything exudes high loving vibes. No more icky feelings.

Let me introduce you to …

Lisa Whatley’s Smokeless Smudge Spray

Smokeless Smudge - Purify and Protect Essential Oil Mist

Lisa Whatley’s Smokeless Smudge Spray can psychically cleanse your space and your auric field clearing out those stubborn energies, limiting thought forms and negative energetic grime!

Carry it with you to spritz your office space and your car too. Three to five spritz above your head is all you need for your aura and five spritz for any sized room. Complete instructions on how to smudge are included with your purchase.

Oh and don’t worry, it’s a fine mist so you won’t come out looking like a drown rat once you’ve smudged yourself. 🙂

I created this beautiful smelling Smokeless Smudge Spray because in all honesty I don’t like the smell of burning white sage however the biggest turn off was that I really didn’t like having to explain myself to my house guests!


For starters, try explaining what smudging is to someone that is completely rooted into the third dimension. Uh-huh, you get the woo-woo look along with the rolling eyes. Then continue to tell them that the “odd” odour they smell is really not from someone in the house smoking pot but that it’s actually from the white sage that you burnt to smudge the house because you are clearing out all the old stagnant negative energies in order to create a beautiful space for them to feel comfortable, loved and welcomed in.

Yep, you get the head nodding but you know they are not believing you.

Oh and let’s not forget to mention that your eyes are red and glossy because you were extremely enthusiastic in cleansing your space and went waaaaaaay over board while smudging! You know so much smoke in the house that it looks like fog has entered and it’s literally rolling out all the open windows! (LOL)

Yeah, I gave up smudging with white sage back in 2005 when I created this fabulous Smokeless Smudge Spray. I love the smell, it doesn’t leave a lingering fog in your house, your eyes don’t get all red and glossy and in my opinion it does an even better job at removing stagnant energy and cleansing energetic grime PLUS when house guests arrive they always compliment that something smells so good … and now I just say, “thanks, that’s my essential oil blend.”

No more woo-woo looks. No more explaining that I was smudging to create a more desirable atmosphere for our enjoyment together. 🙂

What I love about my smokeless smudge is that it is super convenient to use – grab the bottle shake, set your intention and spray. Seriously it doesn’t get any easier than that!


Here’s How You Can Use My High Frequency Smudging Mist:

In Any Room:

  • Stand in the center of the room, spritz once above your head or out in front of yourself, then spritz once in the direction of each corner, give thanks for the clearing.

For Your Aura:

  • To clear yourself, simply spritz a few times above your head and walk under the mist as it falls.
  • Mist yourself to clear and protect during your meditation, yoga or healing sessions.
  • Carry with you and mist yourself throughout your day especially if you easily pick up the emotions of others in busy places.

For Your Office:

  • Take it to your office, stress or negative situation arrives, spritz yourself and your space a few times, stating an intention to clear it away!

For Your Car:

  • Spritz your vehicle, especially helpful in hectic traffic.


Get your bottle today, you’re going to LOVE it!



Sacred healing rose water that has been charged with high frequency amethyst and rose quartz crystals and a blend of seven High Grade Pure Essential Oils. Further charged with sacred prayers, affirmations, invocations, energetic transmissions and placed in a golden pyramid of light to seal in the energetic infusions.

NEW – OCTOBER 2017: I will no longer be shipping the 4oz pre-made bottles instead I will be shipping the sacred oil (exact same oils and process) so you can mix this into your own misting bottles … why? Shipping rates in Canada are ridiculous so the smaller I can get the package down too the more cost effective it is for you.


Lisa, I received the cleansing mist. It smells so great! And it made me feel really comfortable and peaceful, as well as I felt much more self confident! My husband noticed too. And, today, some of the things I feel when I am out in crowded places did not bother me at all. It is amazing and very relieving…thank you so very much!
With love – A.F. Indiana


Lisa, I love everything about the mist! It smells wonderful, it lifts not only my spirit but immediately lifts the energy in my apartment. I could feel the difference within five minutes. I’m stunned! It works just like you say it does, I’m really pleased and you can bet I’ll be back for more! Thank you for creating such high quality products.
Namaste – J.S. Ontario


Lisa I received my package today – WOW!!! I love it! Thank you!
Hugs and Kisses, N.W. New York


I’m really sad Lisa … that I only ordered the mist! I love it and my next order I will be ordering the Diffuser Oil. I already have the CD so this will be fantastic. I can’t wait and again thank you for being you and caring enough to make high quality products,
Love R.T. Michigan

*** Please Read Before Ordering ***

Even though these are 100% All Natural Vibrationally Imprinted Formulas using only high grade quality products with no synthetic colors or scents; aromatherapy can be extremely powerful. For this reason it is important to adhere to the following guidelines. If you are unsure about any information provided, it is a wise idea to contact a professional aromatherapist for further advice.

~~~ Cautions ~~~

Avoid during Pregnancy.
Consult an aromatherapist before use with epilepsy, heart disease or high blood pressure.
Keep Out of Reach of Children: Children shouldn’t be allowed to use without direct supervision.
For External ENVIRONMENT Use Only: Do not eat, drink or massage into skin.
Store in a cool, dark place and keep tightly capped.


Smokeless Smudge Oil – $39.97 + FREE Shipping!  

Each bottle is handcrafted at the time you place your order for exquisite freshness and high frequency purity.




A GREAT companion product is the Clear, Bless and Protect My Sacred Space High Frequency Healing Audio! Play this audio while you are space cleansing and smudging for a high powered cleansing effect.

A complete clearing will take place throughout your entire Sacred Space. This includes the removal of astral entities, ghosts, negative debris, negative thought forms, negative energetic imprints, mucous, ancestral imprints and so much more!

An ENORMOUS protective field will be placed around your home, in every doorway, window and opening of your home, plus a ban of non-inference against all energies of psychic attack will be enforced. Liquid Crystals will be brought in to deactivate and re-balance all negative energy.

After the clearing has been completed, your entire space will be protected by a Host of Heavenly Beings of Light and bestowing upon your space a magical blessing!

Your sacred space will be transformed into a magical sanctuary that brings you great joy!

Full Details about this Audio HERE

Smokeless Smudge + MP3 Download + FREE Shipping: $50






By Lisa Whatley © October 2015 | All Rights Reserved.

Copyright Notice:

All Rights are Reserved to Lisa Whatley. Use or duplication of this material is strictly prohibited. You may ONLY LINK back to this article.

A $50 reward is given to anyone who provides verifiable proof of copyright violation.


Lisa Whatley, hostess of is the girl to go to if you’re ready to give up your excuses and start to grow, to expand your consciousness and bust through barriers and blocks that hold you back from living with joy and having a passionate love affair with your life, maybe for the first time ever!

Lisa is an International Miracle Mind Mentor and Self Help Empowerment Specialist, Spiritual Law of Attraction Life Coach, Master Energy Healer, Hypnotherapist and Published Writer specializing in personal transformation growth programs. Grab a FREE copy of her Purify and Regenerate Your Mind, Body and Emotions Healing Audio Right HERE 



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