Germs Be Gone – Cold, Sinus and Flu Aromatherapy Oil and Inhaler

Germs Be Gone Essential Oil by Lisa WhatleyThe AROMATHERAPY GERMS BE GONE OIL AND INHALER are an absolute MUST to have during cold and flu season!

Seriously, forget stopping in at your local flu shot clinic and protect you and your family naturally, easily and absolutely painlessly by simply breathing in the Germs Be Gone special blend of pure 100% all natural essential oils.

Aromatherapy is one of the oldest healing arts know to humans.

Natural oils do not cause side effects when used properly. Essential oils have the power to relax the nervous system, stimulate the circulation, lift depression, reduce inflammations and ease aches and pains.

They can balance emotions by establishing harmony between the mind and body and lift the conscious mind to the higher self. Just a whiff of the right oil can adjust your attitude, clarify your thinking, steady your resolve, even ease your pain!

The inhaler makes it super easy to use the blend that you need because it’s small enough to carry in your pocket. I love it and actually have a few of them each filled with different blends and choose one according to the ‘effect’ I want to achieve! Aaamaazing!

With cold and flu season upon us the second I notice any of my kids starting to shows signs of a cold I fire up my air diffusers and fill our entire house with the GERMS BE GONE DIFFUSER OIL as this destroys the airborne bacteria in the air which helps to prevent the spread of infection to the rest of us; then the one who is showing signs of sickness, I give them their own inhaler filled with the GERMS BE GONE INHALER OIL BLEND.

A couple quick waves under the nose as you breathe deeply is all that’s needed. Or hold one nostril as you sniff with the other one, powerful.

The GERMS BE GONE DIFFUSER OIL is a blend that is made specifically for either a candle water diffuser or an electric cold air diffuser to dispense the healing oils into a room. This oil should NOT be used directly on the skin at all because it is extremely concentrated. Diffusing essential oils is a natural alternative to aerosol deodorizers and chemical air fresheners which are highly toxic and hurt your health rather than help you.

When you use a diffuser you are dispensing a therapeutic aromatherapy treatment to a number of people simultaneously plus it’s an excellent way of purifying the environment as well as administering the uplifting, rejuvenating or relaxing effects of the essential oil blend.

I love, love, love cold air diffusers and have numerous of them running throughout my home!

Misting Bowl

The GERMS BE GONE BLEND helps to prevent the spread of airborne infection. In steam inhalations or diffused into the air, this blend prevents colds and flu from developing and if they do manifest, it aids recovery and alleviates symptoms. It helps to boost weak immune systems, clears the head wonderfully and relieves headaches.

Psychologically this blend is piercing, purifying, strengthening, warming, protecting, soothing, calming and relaxing. It invigorates the mind, body and spirit as it inspires confidence and dispels the doom and gloom of ill health. It also strengthens subtle energies and is a good psychic room cleanser as it helps to cleanse the rooms of negative energies. It also has balancing qualities that can restore harmony to the aura and helps to balance the chakras and open the heart.

The First Rave Review Is In“Lisa, I absolutely LOVE this! It arrived at just the perfect time as my youngest daughter who is 8 starting show signs of a cold. I followed the instructions and she used the inhaler herself as well. Of course being only 8 I had to keep reminding her but none the less I feel what could have been a very nasty cold (she did have a temporary fever) has been completely reduced to sniffles and normally this would spread to my son, husband and myself but so far none of us are showing any signs! Thank you again, WE love it!” – Jen Ontario, Canada

So what are you waiting for, get yours today!



        Cold, Sinus and Flu – Immune Booster and Germ Fighter

 Germs Be Gone Essential Oil by Lisa Whatley

2 Dram Germs Be Gone Diffuser Oil + 1 Aromatherapy Inhaler

A 2 Dram bottle is enough blend to use approximately 20 times using 12 drops per treatment.

Example: If using it in a treatment room with a cold air misting bowl diffuser the scent will last approximately 12-24 hours upon placing 12 drops of oil blend into the water of the bowl. If using it as an Inhaler Treatment it will last the entire time you are treating your cold, sinus or flu by placing 12 drops onto the cotton insert inside the inhaler.

*** Extra Inhalers are Available if you Need More than the One Included ***

NOTE: The inhalers are re-usable. I purposely omitted using a label on the inhaler so that it can be washed with ease. After you no longer need to use it, open it up and throw out the cotton insert, wash thoroughly in hot soapy water then store it in your medicine cabinet ready for next time or insert a different blend to use. Another tip, rather than spending money on purchasing the cotton inserts, use cotton balls instead. That’s what my family uses and it works just the same.


*** Please Read Before Ordering ***

Even though these are 100% All Natural Vibrationally Imprinted Formulas using only high grade quality products with no synthetic colors or scents; aromatherapy can be extremely powerful. For this reason it is important to adhere to the following guidelines. If you are unsure about any information provided, it is a wise idea to contact a professional aromatherapist for further advice.


~~~ CAUTIONS ~~~
Avoid if Pregnant, Asthmatic, Epileptic
Keep Out of Reach of Children: Children shouldn’t be allowed to use without direct supervision.
For External Smelling Use Only: Do not eat, drink or put directly on skin.
Store in a cool, dark place and keep tightly capped.

Okay, now let’s order!

Oil and 1 Inhaler + FREE Shipping: $39.97



Need More than One Inhaler – Add it Here: $6.97




Lisa Whatley, hostess of is the girl to go to if you’re ready to give up your excuses and start to grow, to expand your consciousness and bust through barriers and blocks that hold you back from living with joy and having a passionate love affair with your life, maybe for the first time ever!

Lisa is an International Miracle Mind Mentor and Self Help Empowerment Specialist, Spiritual Law of Attraction Life Coach, Master Energy Healer, Hypnotherapist and Published Writer specializing in personal transformation growth programs. Grab a FREE copy of her Purify and Regenerate Your Mind, Body and Emotions Healing Audio Right HERE  



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