Meet Lisa

The secret to change is to focus all of your energy NOT on fighting the old but on building the new.

And that’s exactly what I did but … it wasn’t until I got myself trapped in an extremely abusive relationship with a crazy-ass-sociopath that I really became obsessed with our inner worlds – how we heal, create and manifest our lives. It was after my escape that I started to focus on building the new life I now live.

Hey, I’m Lisa Whatley. Welcome to my blog, this is my story.

Yes, it’s absolutely true and I admit it, I stepped into my power after being used one too many times as a personal punching bag for a crazy-ass-sociopath. That is definitely NOT the recommended route to take in order to find your life purpose but crazy enough it was how I found mine, so welcome to my world!

But if you had of told me in the early 90’s that by 2004 I would leave my “knight-in-shining-tinfoil,” escaping our twelve year relationship with the help of the cops, I would have rolled my pretty blue eyes and literally laughed in your face, after all … his tinfoil was blinding me. 😉

If you would have added that I would be extremely happy after leaving him (because at the time due to living in years of daily abuse your self-esteem is non-existent) and that I would be living a wonderful life helping other people to transform into better versions of themselves using energy and other metaphysical tools and spiritual laws that I tested out first in my own life … I would have thought you’d fallen off the deep side!

So how did I get from there to where I am today?

A lot of soul searching, healing, clearing and learning! 

Early 2000, after eight years of abuse, I began to slowly awaken from a long, challenging slumber. The deep sedated sleep that many people have fallen spell too. An inner awakening, a gentle nudging that slowly pushed me towards the answers to the inner questions I began to have.

The answers I received opened me up to a whole new level of awareness and I really, truly wanted to live because I FINALLY felt alive … for the first time ever!

In a nutshell, here’s how it all went down … 

Before I built this amazing business back in 2003 working with phenomenal people all around the world – I had some serious drama going on in my life, I’m talking over thirty years of bat-shit-cray-cray drama! 

I had to overcome things like: three years of childhood sexual molestation, self-hatred, cigarette addiction, low self-esteem, contemplation of suicide, no self-worth, drug addiction, being used as a physical punching bag for twelve long hard years, demoralized, broken bones, bruises, hyper-vigilant, feeling like I just didn’t belong here, broken spirit, battling inner demons of just wanting to die, depressed, inner rage, fearing being killed, poverty, heartsick, fearing my kids would be killed, living robotically on auto-pilot, hopelessness, alcohol addiction, feeling not good enough to finally, thank God, hitting my rock bottom.

Three very scary looking men showed up at our door driving a vehicle that cost more than our house itself (it was a very run-down 100+ year old farm house that to boot was haunted to the max – oh the things I saw and experienced in that place … another story lol) in search of my crack-addict ex. I now knew for certain that my ex was a mule for cocaine and these men were there for no good reason … to collect their money that he probably smoked away. Not a good situation. It was in that very moment that I decided that I was going to get out no matter what. I knew my children’s lives depended on what little strength I could summon up to get us out of the hell we were living.

It was then that the downward spiral began to turn upwards for us. 

I escaped this very violent relationship with four kids (9, 8, 2 and 1 years of age) with assistance from the cops.

Sure I experienced a tremendous amount of fear and anxiety because I was suffering from post-traumatic stress and I was still extremely hyper-vigilant but that was literally a walk in the part compared to the nightmare I just left behind.


So when I stepped into this new chapter of my life I had a grade nine education, no job, raising four kids completely solo trying to survive on a minuscule welfare check while eating from food banks. Life definitely wasn’t a party but at least we no longer had to walk on egg shells while in the comforts of what we then called home. That change alone brought us a tremendous amount of joy!

 Although my new life chapter had started with less life threatening situations I was still consumed with a massive amount of fear however I made a decision to figure out why my life sucked so bad compared to the general public. What the hell was I doing wrong to deserve such a shitty existence?

That’s when things really began to change. I had a massive desire to find myself and I started questioning who I really was. I had a deep inner longing to find more meaning to life itself.

Once the soul awakens, the search begins and you can never go back to what you once knew. Your life is changed forever.

Upon reflection, I soon realized that all my life I had been purposely ignoring all my unresolved emotions and problems because I didn’t want to deal with the pain. And for the love of God, I discovered to my horror, it was the stuffing down and the trying to cover up and hide my past experiences, emotions and problems that actually led me to experience more and more massive life pain, turmoil, abuse and addition!

Go figure. The very things I was running away from I was drawing back to myself because I didn’t want to face them.

It was in that moment of realization that I became obsessed with our inner worlds – how we create, heal and manifest our lives. I studied absolutely everything I could get my hands on and armed with all this amazing ancient esoteric information and energy healing techniques, I applied it to my life.

Within 12 months my life changed beyond recognition.

One year.

It’s still hard to believe because I experienced a lifetime of suffering and it seemed almost as if by magic I was able to turn it all around. In one year I completely changed my entire life to a whole new magical life that at the time of transition was very difficult to even imagine was possible. The entire experience left me determined to share this information with as many woman as I could possibly reach. At the time I had no idea it would turn into a global community.

I truly believe that everyone deserves to heal and grow beyond the pain of their life story. I have chosen to work with women. It is not only my passion but my mission to help women put their past behind them, empowering and motivating them to create a life they are happy to call their own.

When you come to realize that all your problems, your life pain, all the turmoil, drama, abuse and addiction are caused by that gnawing unresolved inner pain from your past, this is when your journey of healing truly begins and this is why you found your way here to me. I’m thrilled you followed your intuition! There are no coincidences in life, everything happens for a reason.

If your life is not exactly like you want it right now, I’m here to help you move past all those painful traumas and move you above and beyond your personal obstacles, limitations, blocks and barriers and help you ignite your life force, that vital inner life spark which gives you the zest, the oomph, the motivation that will enable you to find your personal truth and transform your life just as I have done myself.

There is absolutely nothing and no one that can stand in your way except yourself.

To get started, I would LOVE to share with YOU an absolutely FREE Guided Meditation that you can start to use immediately!


“Never let the sadness of your past and the fear of your future ruin the happiness of your present”


Many Blessings and Stay Fab!

Lisa Whatley, hostess of


Lisa Whatley, hostess of is the girl to go to if you’re ready to give up your excuses and start to grow, to expand your consciousness and bust through barriers and blocks that hold you back from living with joy and having a passionate love affair with your life, maybe for the first time ever!


I am a Heart-Centered Soul Whisperer, a Misfit Spiritual Seeker, a Badass Way Shower, a Rebel Light Worker, an Indigo Warrior and a Soul Aligned Entrepreneur who lives life on my own terms and absolutely refuse to be limited by other people’s rules and ideas.

Healing myself first and then holding Sacred Space for others to Heal is my Priority, Passion and Purpose.

I empower women to create a different life story by utilizing their inner power in order to transform their outer reality so they can become the best version of themselves and get the life of their dreams in the fastest time possible … yaaas! These fabulous women are my Soul Tribe, my Soul Family whom I adoringly call my ZenFriends.

Are YOU part of my Soul Tribe, my Soul Family one of my fabulous ZenFriends?

You are IF you resonate with me from deep within. Your Soul knows and if you listen … you will intuitively know!

If you are on a path of self-healing, self-discovery and are committed to personal and spiritual growth … you and I will definitely click! If you are turned on by the unlimited possibilities that your life can transform into by being a soul-guided action taker, if making a difference in YOUR world and changing the way you do things and how you see the world around you resonates from deep, deep within … then you are someone I want to be ZenFriends with!

My ZenFriends are absolutely fabulous women who love all things uplifting … guided meditation, energy healing, journaling, mindset, manifesting, crystals, nature, rituals, gratitude, intention, angels … if these tools resonate deep, deep within you … connect with me. 💖

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Peace and Love from My World to Yours, I Love You!

Lisa Whatley, xoxox



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