Raising the Power of Your Personal Vibration

Calling All Lightworker #ZenFriends … Let’s Talk About Giving Your Power Away

 When Wisdom Whispers Program


Do you resonate with the following …

:: Are you a light-worker?

:: Do you feel like you are stuck and have zero movement forward?

:: Is everything around you falling to pieces?

:: Are you trying to make changes but your plans are falling apart?

:: Are you banging your head up against the wall wondering what is going on?

Quick answer … you are out of alignment with your higherself.

You have moved into a stage of your evolution where everything you do must be in alignment with your higherself … or it just won’t happen. Period. You’ll keep running up against obstacle after obstacle until you make a change.

We have moved from the Information Age into the Intuition Age …

Let me ask you some questions because this is where a lot of lightworkers are trapped right now and why you are not moving forward.

:: How many channeled messages do you read per day?

:: How much time do you spend absorbing someone else’s channeled information?

:: Do you rely on these outside sources of information to guide your life?

:: Do you hang onto their every word?

I’m going to be blunt … cuz that’s just the way I roll … everything in your life will continue to go downhill until you learn to receive your own guidance. You are giving your power away … you are stopping your spiritual growth and stunting your energetic vibration from increasing. Your consciousness can not rise when you are holding onto someone else’s coat tails. It’s time to stand on your own two feet. Time to let go of those that are disempowering you. Time to think for yourself. Time to tap into your own guidance and the unlimited possibilities that await you.

Are you allowing yourself to be distracted? 

The channeled information that you are absorbing … is it truly helping you, guiding you, changing your life in any way at all OR is it simply another distraction stopping you from becoming all that you can be?

The quality of channeled messages in my opinion have hit an all-time low, they aren’t helpful at all, they are fluff filled to appease your ego … the very part of yourself that you are here to transcend and to make matters worse the majority of channelers are unaware they are being used by the dark energies in order to fulfill their very dark agenda by keeping lightworkers stuck and dependent on sources outside of themselves. After all if you can’t think for yourself they can lead you down any path they want … so let’s move out of sheeple mentality and into becoming your dynamic and powerful highest self.

See when you rely on someone else to guide you … they can tell you anything they want and you wouldn’t really know the truth because you haven’t tapped into your own power to feel that energy.

When you tap into your own power … no one can pull the wool over your eyes, no one can lead you astray because your own inner compass will be guiding you in the right direction.

Now that’s empowering, wouldn’t you agree?

You see, your higherself talks to you through your intuition and feelings. It sends you impulses to be loving and united with others and it also communicates with you by sending you odd coincidences and synchronicity in the form of people, digits, books and anything else that will give you the messages that you need to hear. So as you strengthen your connection with your higherself you will start to experience your own insights, revelations and expanded awareness. You will no longer need to seek outside of yourself.

Imagine a world where everyone was actually using their intuition to guide them … what a beautiful world it would be!

Maybe my stating that channeled messages have turned into nothing more than fluff filled crap has ruffled your feathers and you’re a tad bit pissed off at me. I’m willing to share that message with you to hopefully bring some awareness to the fact that you can tap into your own guidance. You can stop depending on channeled messages. You can bring your life into alignment with your soul’s plan. You no longer need to access information from outside of yourself.

It is time my ZenFriend, to tap into your own inner wisdom and receive guidance that is specific to your life and your needs. Guidance that WILL help you move forward to be all that you can be! Now lean in close … I’m going to share with you a secret … you HAVE a divine guidance system within yourself. Yes YOU! Everyone alive does. You were born with it.

This inner guidance system is called intuition however, if you aren’t hearing it, it’s only because you aren’t tapping into it and listening to it. It’s time to learn how to do this AND once you have … it’s time to teach your kids how to do it too!

Now I need to ask you some more questions … and they may push some more buttons.

:: Have you become a new age lazy lightworker? Ouch.

Meaning …

:: You want to make changes in your life but you want it done with an instant wave of a magical wand with no work required?

:: You want these changes to happen but you don’t want to change what you do or how you spend your time.

:: You are stuck in victim consciousness always making or finding the perfect excuse on why you can’t do it.

It’s okay if you fell into the trap of the savvy marketers who told you to believe in the magical fix with no work involved because for a time we could go outside of ourselves for this help and to a degree things could change with little work on your behalf BUT we have shifted out of that time and space now. We have shifted into a reality where each and every person must empower themselves and show up for themselves. Nothing is going to change within you or your life if you don’t start doing something different than you already are doing.

:: No more not showing up for yourself.

:: No one can do the work for you anymore.

:: No one is going to save you.

The only way to shift your life is to shift your energy … because everything IS energy … and that is where I can help you.

Introducing the …

When Wisdom Whispers: Raising the Power of Your Personal Vibration Program

Click this LINK HERE to take you to my main website to all the details including a free guided meditation!

Lisa Whatley xoxox

Hostess of www.InfinityLightHealing.com & www.LisaJanineWhatley.com


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