J-seals: Jehovian Annunaki Death Seals Removal Process

j-seal removal session with lisa whatleyThe J-seals also known as the Jehovian Annunaki Death Seals are unnatural, inorganic, destructive death implants that are located in the multidimensional anatomy of all humans that cause physical, mental and emotional problems and as if that isn’t enough, the bigger picture, is that they prevent the DNA from activating properly which results in the gradual unnatural death of the physical body, but wait, before that happens you get to stumble around for years before you die feeling lost, disconnected, empty and alone because they also prevent you from connecting with your Higher Identity! They block your natural psychic ability which keeps you dumbed down and stuck in third dimensional awareness which prevents you from taking advantage of the ascension cycle – that is now upon us.

J-Seal Implant Removal is Extremely Important and a MUST for Human Evolution

Everyone is born with the energetic distortions in the human body known as unnatural seals. These seals were NOT created by Divine Source.

Eons ago, fallen itruder races called Jehovian-Annunaki implanted the J-Seals in the planet’s grid which subsequently created reverse mutation genetics for the human being. This was done intentionally to digress our DNA which resulted in a full disconnection from our higher reality fields, limiting our awareness, limiting all our multi-dimensional abilities. It was meant to destroy our Silicate Matrix Template (the original human genetic imprint) permanently, stripping away our divine inheritance and our ability to ascend and evolve.

We have purposely been cut off from knowing our Higher Identity, the true structure of our multi-dimensional anatomy and the means by which we can expand our awareness and transmute our DNA / biology beyond the limitations of 3-dimensional reality. These distortions have prevented us the ability to embody the DNA Resurrection Codes and the Ascension Codes in order to transmute or leave the lower planetary consciousness fields of reality experience. It is time to awaken from the hologram of our genetically imposed mortality and reclaim our eternal nature and finally re-enter the space-time matter fields of higher evolution and beyond.

The removal of the unnatural seals is a step in that direction.




Lisa Whatley, hostess of www.InfinityLightHealing.com is the girl to go to if you’re ready to give up your excuses and start to grow, to expand your consciousness and bust through barriers and blocks that hold you back from living with joy and having a passionate love affair with your life, maybe for the first time ever!

Lisa is an International Miracle Mind Mentor and Self Help Empowerment Specialist, Spiritual Law of Attraction Life Coach, Master Energy Healer, Hypnotherapist and Published Writer specializing in personal transformation growth programs. Grab a FREE copy of her Purify and Regenerate Your Mind, Body and Emotions Healing Audio Right HERE 



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