Are You Still in Pity Party Mode from the Major Event that Didn’t Happen?


Are you still in pity party mode from the major event that didn’t appear to happen September 23rd through the 28th?

Empower Yourself with Lisa Whatley

First off, a lot DID happen and still is happening however it was/is at an energetic level.

Many people are feeling let-down, feeling like they should just give up, they are going into who cares mode and are questioning themselves … big time. Questioning their paths. They are starting to think that this whole spiritual awakening thing is bunch of BS … just like their friends told them it was.

Unfortunately, that’s what happens when you put yourself in the position of trusting anyone outside of yourself.

Repeating that – anyone – outside of yourself.

I’m NOT saying don’t trust others in general. I’m saying trust your intuitive feelings FIRST and foremost. Don’t lock your heart up being afraid to let others in. Trust yourself first and foremost in every area of your life. YOU come first. Ask yourself questions, constantly.

Just imagine a world where everyone looked within themselves first before they took any outside action. Just imagine how peaceful the world would be if everyone relied on their own intuitive abilities. We would be able to know in advance if someone had a hidden agenda and was trying to lead us astray, wouldn’t we. Life would be magical dancing moment to moment to the beat of your own heart knowing that if a problem arose you would have the inner tools needed to get you through it to the other side.

Trusting yourself first opens you up to a vast amount of possibilities because no one is there to stop you with lies. Only the fear you have within will limit your own possibilities.

The spiritual awakening that is sweeping across the globe is for this very purpose. That is the direction we are heading. That’s why masses of people are waking up. That is part of the grand plan. So why are you having the pity-party then? It’s not because the event didn’t happen. It’s because you relied on sources outside of yourself for information. You didn’t run it through your intuitive centers to feel the energetic signature therefore you now feel duped. You feel let down. You feel cheated. You feel like you have been lied too. You feel like you are chasing a false dream.

We have been programmed from birth to look outside of ourselves for everything and there has been a great reason for this. The less we rely on ourselves the more power we give others. The less we rely on ourselves the more we depend on others. The less we rely on ourselves the less responsibility for our actions we have to take. The less we rely on ourselves the more we believe that we cannot control our circumstances. The less we rely on ourselves the more we believe that we can’t change ourselves. The less we rely on ourselves the easier it is to be programmed. The less we rely on ourselves the easier it is to get lost. The less we rely on ourselves the easier it is to let others take control. The less we rely on ourselves the less we do for ourselves. The less we rely on ourselves the easier it is for us to become prisoners stuck in a third dimensional reality.

Therefore now, more than ever, we have to remove that learned behavior by learning to connect with the intuitive side of ourselves.

Now is not the time to shut-down. It is not the time to close yourself off and stick your head in the sand and try to unlearn everything you have been awakened to thus far on your journey. Now is not the time to give up on yourself. You don’t want to find yourself in the exact same place you are right now a year from now. You have choice. You can choose to pick yourself up from your pity-party and get back into the game of awakening – personal growth, empowerment, healing, spiritual development – or of course you can choose to throw in your towel and say that this is nothing more than a bunch of BS. You have the freedom of choice. It is my sincere hope you continue to love, honor and serve yourself. We need you. You are part of the great plan of awakening. Don’t let your expectations that were given to you by outside sources steal your power and awakening. Perhaps that was their sole purpose to begin with? Perhaps they had a hidden agenda – to give you false information to throw you off empowering yourself; after all, you wouldn’t really need their information anymore would you if you relied on your own inner sources.

It’s time to wake up. Stop giving your power away. Empower yourself. Find the answers within. Trust them. If you don’t you will continue to get duped. Awakened, empowered beings don’t blindly follow the masses. They navigate their life via the still small voice within. They embrace their life living moment to moment. They are peaceful and loving. They practice daily self-care. They take responsibility for every choice they make.

Will you begin anew again today?

We need you.

Many Blessings and Stay Fab!

Lisa Whatley, hostess of

PS: If you would like assistance, here are some tools that I offer to help you on your journey in raising your vibration, raising your consciousness, connecting within and trusting self.

Blessings and Stay Fab! xoxox

Lisa Whatley, hostess of

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