OMG Lisa, Like Nothing Happened on September 23-28, 2015, like whatever!

A LOT did happen and still is happening.

Yep, we’re still here … you didn’t think you were going anywhere did you?

Apocalypse and Lisa Whatley

Every time a big ‘event’ is taking place everyone under the sun starts ramping up their drama agendas and fear goes into over-drive which is why I was pushing LOVE and PEACE via a free guided meditation that you can download here.

It can be used anytime you are stressed out not just during the ‘event’ phase which is still happening by the way. Yes the massive energies are still working their magic leaving nothing and no one untouched and since the catastrophic event didn’t happen you can still take advantage of this glorious divine light.

DISCERNMENT is highly required at all times but especially during “epic event” dates.

How many ‘events’ have we already gone through?

How many people vanished into thin air with an ascension wave?

How many times has it been predicted that the earth will be hit and blown up by a giant asteroid or planet x, the aliens will invade, the zombie’s will attack, an EMF will hit wiping out everything electrical?

Doomsday predictions cause false fear and panic.

This IS a HUGE DISTRACTION and it’s done for just that reason. To distract you from empowering yourself, from raising your vibration, from becoming your multi-dimensional self during these grand occasions when the energies that are coming into the earth plane are of ultra-high frequency that are highly beneficial for humanity’s growth as they allow for vibrational upgrades and an opening of hearts on a massive scale.

Can you see now why those of a dark agenda would like you to avoid placing your conscious attention specifically on empowering yourself to remove the veils that keep you blinded from their agenda at these points in time?

When you are distracted by fear porn your conscious focus is not on empowering yourself, raising your vibration and opening your heart. Your attention is on fear and survival. Fear lowers your vibration and functioning in survival mode closes the heart in order to cope with tragedy and struggle.

If you believe in a negative agenda then wouldn’t the dark ones be winning since you’re consciously participating in fear? Does not intention create? If you are living in fear mode you are emitting an emotion which is a vibration which creates a reality. Who wins?

Turn off the negative mind programming media and align yourself with creating your own little piece of divine heaven and own it as this inspires those around you to live in alignment with their higher aspirations too.

Causing a ripple effect creating quantum leaps.

For future reference, when a grand event that is going to help humanity raise its consciousness is coming, know that the doomsday predictions will be rampant to cause fear to try to keep you locked in a low vibrational state. When you see it start to happen embrace the vibration of love and peace and ride it out with joy! You’ll be ahead of the game.

The only thing you need to be concerned about with the entire ascension process is LOVE and PEACE.

Follow the golden rules and you’ll be taken care of … immensely.

  • Rid yourself of fear, hatred, anger, etc. become more loving to yourself and others.
  • Rid yourself of karma and don’t create more, think before you act or speak. Do unto others as you would have done unto you.
  • Fill yourself with love and peace and be service oriented on a daily basis.
  • Expand your consciousness and embrace your multi-dimensional self with daily meditation and energy healing-raising programs.
  • Treat your body like a temple, exercise and change to a high vibrational diet.

The five points above raise your vibration; a pre-requisite into the next layer of your evolution.

Yes it’s layers. Only a few people actually jump from third dimensional awareness to fifth or higher in an instant and even those people have massive complications that go along with it.

Gradual is preferred for most however the divine light is getting higher and higher in frequency which is causing those that haven’t been preparing themselves energetically on all levels to react to this in a very negative way. You will see more and more people becoming angrier, acting impulsively, doing things they wouldn’t normally do in the coming months ahead. Every type of emotion will be set free.

Yes, changing your vibration is work but it’s important that you change the perception of ascension work into it being fun work! Take the bad with a huge dose of love, be humble and accepting knowing full well that whatever you are trying to change and must go through to get to the other side of it, is for the betterment of yourself. Laugh at yourself. Go with the flow and be in joy at all times. Let the love in your heart guide the way. Be open, be free, love yourself and allow the divine unfolding to take place. Take the knowledge that you are learning and turn it into wisdom. Embody it. You came here to do this. So do it … daily.

Wake up.

Consciously allow divine light to enter. Open your eyes and your heart to see the very best in everything and everyone around you. If you are having a hard time seeing it, look harder and keep looking until you do see it. As you integrate the divine light, your DNA will be upgraded, it will alter your consciousness, changing the perception of your reality as it shifts the frequency of your body.

Now if you know how to do all those things yourself, great!

If you need tools to help you, that’s my job, I’m here to be in service to support you until you get what you need from inside yourself. It’s there. You just need to tap in, turn it on, tune in and trust it. Everything you need is inside you. Every answer you want is inside you.

In the beginning we need tools to help us get to that place of inner knowing and trusting. Eventually you won’t need those tools any longer but in the meantime use what is available to help you move and grow beyond where you are. There is no one tool that will help transition you instantly. You will find numerous tools to use on your journey. Then those will drop away and you’ll find more. As you increase your vibration you’ll resonate with different material, different teachers, different support systems. Just use discernment. FEEL the energy of the offering. If it feels light to you, it’s right for you. If it feels heavy to you, it’s not for you so pass it by. If it’s not right for you don’t pass judgement on it, it will be right for someone else.

Another event is coming and every event we go through is preparing us for the next event to come. It’s important that you increase your vibration to make life easier for yourself so you can live with joy and peace within your reality. When you live in joy and peace you help those around you live with joy and peace. You are the change you want to see happen in your reality. You really do matter. Everything you do matters. Your energy both positive and negative effects everyone, everything, every space … globally and beyond.

These events shift and awaken masses of people. It really is a good thing! However, it may not look like how you perceive an awakening to be. I know when I first started this journey well over a decade ago my perception of awakening wasn’t what it really is.

Most people awaken subtly. They suddenly realize the food they are eating isn’t what they want to consume anymore. They suddenly realize their circle of friends aren’t who they wish to surround themselves with anymore. They suddenly realize they no longer like watching violent television shows. They suddenly realize that they no longer can stomach heavy metal music. They suddenly start having questions they really want answers too. They suddenly start to experience paranormal activity. They suddenly start to realize their reality isn’t what they thought it was.

Congratulations is in order as this is the beginning of their awakening and a whole new journey begins! Support them. Love them unconditionally.

As the months continue to pass us by the negative energies will continue to ramp up. I personally feel that 2015 will have been a breeze compared to what is yet to come. Ride this divine light wave with nothing but faith in your heart. No fear. Do not waiver from divine light. Work with it. Take advantage of this time because once divine light enters your body there is no stopping the process of awakening and there is absolutely no going back. The more people that jump on to consciously ride the ascension wave the quicker things will shift for humanity. We ALL must do our part on a DAILY basis not just when a specific day comes into focus.

If you would like assistance, here are some tools that I offer to help you on your journey in raising your vibration.

Blessings and Stay Fab! xoxox

Lisa Whatley, hostess of

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