Today’s Quick Power Tip: Gratitude

Feeling Gratitude

Today’s Quick Power Tip: Give thanks daily even for the littlest thing.

When you practice being thankful or grateful on a daily basis your life will begin to shift into a more fulfilled, peaceful and happy one. Because this technique is so simple in nature, many people fluff it off so I challenge you to give it try for one week. You will be amazed at how good you begin to feel and I’m quite certain that subtle shifts will begin to emerge as long as you truly practice thankfulness.

So many of us in the ‘spiritual world’ have become conditioned to believe that if it isn’t complicated or have a gazillion steps than it probably doesn’t work!

Pfft, that’s hogwash!

Growing spiritually, healing yourself on all levels of your awareness, raising your vibration and consciously expanding does NOT need to be complicated. There are a lot of people out there that create programs with hundreds of steps to make their program appear to be superior but the fact remains most people that start those long drawn out one hundred step programs – quit. They never finish.

Why? it’s too complicated!

It’s time to get back to simple, the basics. Practicing gratitude is one of these simple, basic steps that really will provide a shift in your life.

However in order for this technique to really “work” it is important to understand that practicing gratitude isn’t about mumbling a few loving words and moving on with your day.

No, it’s about feeling and being connected with that sense of deep unconditional love and appreciation in that very moment of time of thankfulness. It’s the inner process and when you can really capture the essence and truth of self love – worthiness, deservedness, self-respect, etc. – by connecting deeply with the energy of gratefulness, your life will catapult you in an amazing direction!

Gratitude is a high vibrational emotion, a feeling, therefore when you are continually in a state of being grateful you raise your own personal vibration. When that happens you become magnetic to the same vibrational frequencies in that layer of energy. Like attracts like applies here. What you personally vibrate at you draw back to yourself.

Gratitude acknowledges a simple truth – that there is no lack – and keeps the flow of good things circulating in your life.

Create your own gratitude ritual and follow it daily. I challenge you to at least starting with seven days.

Start today.

Many Blessings and Create a Fab One! xoxox

Lisa Whatley, hostess of

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