The Dark Side of the Law of Attraction

Dark Side of the Law of Attraction Ever thought about the dark side of the Law of Attraction?

The law itself says that what we deeply resonate with down at the subconscious level we attract to ourselves in a synchronistic way.

So how does this law work in everyday life even if we aren’t consciously focusing upon it?

Let’s say you hold a deep seated fear of being cheated on in your relationship, a kind of fear that gnaws at you all the time, it’s always on your mind perhaps driving you to “look” for evidence of this betrayal.

Now go back to what the law says, what we deeply resonate with down at the subconscious level we attract to ourselves.

This deep seated fear that you carry of a cheating partner can cause that very situation to manifest in your life for you to experience.

That’s the dark side of the Law of Attraction.

People with low self-esteem and lack of self-confidence may attract abusers and bullies to themselves.

That’s the dark side of the Law of Attraction.

The examples are endless … and that is why it is taught to focus your attention (thoughts and actions) only on the things you do want to appear in your life however that alone is not enough. It is time to apply the Law of Awareness because what is hidden manipulates however when once exposed it no longer has power.

Start to use the Law of Awareness to your advantage by being aware of the thoughts you entertain. Be aware of the victim mindset – paranoia, fear, desperation, obsession, loss, scarcity, lack, etc. All those hidden thoughts have the ability to negatively manipulate your life experience however as you start to become aware of them and take action against them they will no longer have power over you or your life experience.

Reminder, the law of attraction states what?

That what I deeply resonate with down at the subconscious level I attract to myself.

So if you have a victim mindset, you have a strong sense of powerlessness which attracts the situations that make you feel even more powerless and you consciously decided that you didn’t want that. That’s the beginning phase of the Law of Awareness in action. You consciously decided you no longer wanted to experience powerlessness.

Now to truly put to action the Law of Awareness you must take the time to consciously listen to the thoughts you entertain. This allows you to become very aware of what you want to attract or what you want to block.

Now armed with this information you have the ability to consciously apply the two laws by applying the opposite of victim mindset and invoke within yourself a feeling of protection, confidence, power, and stability.

You block by using the Law of Awareness.

You attract by using the Law of Attraction and the Law of Awareness. They work together.


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Many Blessings and Create a Fab One! xoxox

Lisa Whatley, hostess of

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