You Are Easily Manipulated When You Look Outside of Yourself

Manipulation You are easily manipulated when you give your power away by always seeking what you are looking for from outside of yourself.

When you ask someone to answer a question for you … you have to trust what they say is the truth. How do you know it is the truth? Unfortunately by blindly following along.

It has been set up this way to keep you powerless. This set up comes from those with a hidden agenda. 

If you are always looking outside of yourself you never build your inner higher sensory perceptions also known as your intuition. You never build your inner guidance.

Your intuition IS your true divine guidance system. You were born with it for a reason and this is the exact same inner system that many, many people put down because of a fear they carry within themselves. A fear that has been put there by sources outside of themselves, by those that have a secret hidden agenda, an agenda to keep you living in the dark and under their control.

This fear has caused masses of people to suppress their inner guidance because they don’t want to carry the stigma of being labelled as a misfit, as weird, as crazy, as odd and some have even have had the burden of carrying the fear of satan over their head if they even thought of using their God-given gift.

Yes, I said God-given gift. You were born with it. Not just some people or special people – you and everyone you know has the exact same inner guidance system although some of us actually use ours, that’s the only difference.

So, if you took a minute and you were to ask yourself the question of why do you think your inner intuition has been labeled as woowoo, crazy, scary, devil worship, witch craft and even being psychotic what would your answer be?

Do you think that there could be a possibility that someone or even bigger than just one person, an organization didn’t want you to develop it so you could purposely be kept in the dark? That they made you afraid of it so you wouldn’t use it? Let’s face the facts people were actually murdered for using their intuition! There were witch hunts, people were burnt at the stake, hung, stoned to death. Pretty good reason for shying away from ever developing your God-given gift I would say.

But why, ask yourself why? Why would someone / organization want to stop me from using my higher sensory perception, my intuition? If I was born with an inner navigational system that would help me in my life, why has it been labelled as bad?

If you are kept in the dark you are spoon-fed only the information that ‘they’ want you to know. If you had access to higher information from a pure source within yourself you would soon discover that ‘they’ do not have your best interests at heart. The sheeple mentality keeps you in a state of being easily controlled. You are only ever given information that will benefit ‘their’ agenda.

True power comes from within. You have all the answers you will ever need right inside yourself. No one can manipulate you. No one can hide their agenda from you.

Build your higher sensory perceptions. You were born with them for a reason.

Start using them.


Oodles of Love and Blessings and as always, Stay Fab! xoxox

Lisa Whatley, hostess of 

PS: And always remember – “The Key to Self Mastery IS Within … Where Freedom Reigns!”



By Lisa Whatley © February 2015 | All Rights Reserved.

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